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At Reliable Roofing Services we use only one type of flat roof as we believe this type of roofing is unbeatable in the way it looks and offers very affordable prices, lasting many years.

Only fixing one method of flat roofing means we can specialise in this type of installation, leaving you with an uncomparable outcome and service.


Firestone EPDM waterproof membranes have been installed world wide - from the arctic conditions of Siberia to the blistering heat in the Middle East.

Firestone Rubbercover is now being found on residential homes, which has a great duribilty at exceptional prices.


In Western Europe Firestone Rubbercover guarantees a life span of 20 years with out any sign of ageing by cracking or bleaching. You will also receive a guarantee once the work has been carried out by Reliable Roofing Services.


The installation of the Firestone Rubber cover is quick to do and working in a trade that is dependant on good weather this method is an advantage, so therefore can be installed all year round. Another advantage to working with this type of roofing is that the rubber is ordered to the size of the roof, or at least can be ordered in large parts. This can only mean less seams so looks neat and tidy.



Listed below are some of the main advantages of why we only use this system of flat roofing:

  • Excellent age resisitance (especially to UV and the Ozone)
  • High puncture resistance
  • Little joins and seams
  • Fire resistance to external sources
  • Large dimension membranes significantly decrease installation time
  • Reduced environmental impact compared to other flat roofing methods
  • Easy to repair even after several years



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